Lovely Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Do you have black complexion? Are you looking for help to get your hair styled? Though long hair is considered beautiful, you may not be able to stick it with the busy activities. Keeping it short is much simpler. It does not require much maintenance. Fortunately, styling is still possible to do on short hair.


There is limitless Short Hairstyles for Black Women that can make you look more beautiful with the new haircut. It does not matter if you have dark hair. Black women are blessed with the uniquely lock’s characteristics. Many of them usually have curly texture which naturally creates the enough volume. However, straightening the curly hair to look straight in natural way is also possible.

In selecting the hairstyles, you should consider several things. Figure out the volume and texture which become the basic things in hairstyling. Then, choose the style based on the facial shape. Finally, the hair needs final touch of color and hues combination to highlight its glamour as well as style. So, do you need some inspirations? Here are some of lovely hairstyles to choose:

  • Super short bob – Have your black locks cut right at your jaw to add the beauty of facial features. The additional of long side bangs and teasing on the root can boost the hair volume a little.
  • Colored pixie with bangs – Add deep blonde color to the locks and have hotter look. Apply the tone to your messy pixie cut.
  • Spiked pixie – Cut the straight hair in pixie style. Spiked hairdo looks elegant and classy on long face shape.
  • Pixie with tight curls – Letting the natural tight curls on pixie cut is the simplest idea. If you do not have this kind of curls, you can use hair rollers to create the wanted texture.
  • Angle cut with side swept layers – Side swept bangs look nice on straight short hair. It is simple, but still super stylish and feminine.
  • Bob with curls – A few simple curls at the end of the hair can add the glamour on the bob haircut. It is a sexy style that will change the usual bob hair.

There are still more great styles applicable on short hair if you have dark skin. Whether you have straight or naturally curly hair, the choices are numerous. When it is tough to call the desired style, you can simply mention the celebrities who have the inspiring hairstyles like Rihanna, Yaya DaCosta, Taraji P. Henson and Nicole Ari Parker.

Dinosaur Model Toys

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The new Dinosaur Galleries at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles will feature many of the artist’s creations. Most notable is the baby Tyrannosaurus rex estimated to have been two years old when it died, for which nearly ninety percent of the skeleton will be recreated for this mount.  This sculpted reconstruction will be featured with two real T-Rex specimens, one a six-year old, and the other the sub adult specimen named “Thomas” which Doyle helped collect, and prepare.  Thomas is estimated to be about seventy percent complete, making it one of the top five most complete in the world, and for that reason an excellent resource for the artist.  His initial offering will be a series of cast resin models and limited edition bronze sculptures with both a highly detailed exterior view of a sub-adult T. Rex  and a rendition of the internal skeletal anatomy.